Ferry Bluff State Natural Area

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Ferry Bluff - Lower Wisconsin Riverway - Sauk City
Ferry Bluff - Lower Wisconsin Riverway - Sauk City

Ferry Bluff on Highway 60 between Sauk City and Spring Green is one of the finest perches for observing the Lower Wisconsin Riverway in all of it's splendor. It is a State Natural Area and features a high bald outcropping at a unique crook in The River.

The Wisconsin is the hardest working river in America, but you wouldn't know it from the vantage point at Ferry Bluff. If anything, it appears almost as unsullied by human habitation and industry as it must have looked in the days when French explorers and fur traders canoed past here.

It is a steep climb from the parking lot to the bluff head, but it is short - and not at all as challenging as the sign post would have you believe. Oh, by the way, I forgot to mention that this place, despite being on the maps, is a local secret. It's a great place to find solitude if that is what you are looking for. -Best time to come here: Sunrise on a foggy morning.

Ferry Bluff has a commanding view of The Wisconsin.  It is so named, because a ferry once existed at the base of the bluff. And, It would be very convenient if the ferry still existed today - as it would take you across to the Mazo Beach.

Mazo Beach on the Wisconsin River
Mazo Beach on the Wisconsin River
Mazo beach is hands down the best beach in Wisconsin. I'd put it up against any of the beaches on the shores of Lake Michigan and other river beaches. You might have heard of it before as it has passed into the legend and lore of Wisconsin by virtue of the clothing optional tradition of its regulars.

It's a great beach, not for taboo curiosity, but for its purely beach qualities. It has about a half mile or more of natural pure fine grain sand. And, it is positioned at a shallow channel between an island and the wooded shoreline. The current here is strong, but won't sweep you away like the main channel beyond the island. You can float  the current and ride down from one end of the beach to the other. And, the surrounding scenery, including Ferry Bluff, is gorgeous. It is also, very private - no houses with a view of this beach. It's just an all around good beach

The Lower Wisconsin Waterway protects hundreds of square miles of shoreline in this southern section of The Wisconsin. There are a number of natural areas like Ferry Bluff and Mazo Beach that provide a natural buffer to the river. 

Ferry Bluff - Lower Wisconsin Riverway - Sauk City
Ferry Bluff - Lower Wisconsin Riverway - Sauk City

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Address for your GPS: S11024 Ferry Bluff Road Sauk City Wisconsin
| Coordinates: N43.240270, W089.810404 |

From Milwaukee2 Hours
From Madison40 Minutes
From Green Bay3 Hours
From Wausau2 Hours
From Minneapolis4 Hours
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